The Finals of International Department’s Fifth Debate Competition

source:   Release time:2017-01-10 15:05:01

  The finals of fifth International Department Debate Competition was successfully held at Shude Foreign Language Campus on November 21st evening. Having lasted over a month from the preliminary to the final, this contest brought happiness and cohesiveness for every participant who made effort.

     With the topic of“which is more important to self-realization? The process or the result”, class two from grade 2016 and AP class from grade 2015 which took the stand of affirmative and opposite respectively conducted a fierce debate. Debaters seized every chance to strengthen their point with wit and wisdom, so devoted that the audience there were affected to be involved. At last, Lv Lintong, Yi Shuhan, Xu Huanwen and Duan Jianyang from AP class, 2015 won the title with excellent performance. Congratulations!