Glad Tidings from the 2017 IB Diploma Program Examination

source:Shude High School   Release time:2017-08-21 16:51:42

  Great news! We have achieved new heights in the 2017 IB diploma program examination! Congratulations to the students and faculty in Class of 2017 of the International Department!



  In 2017, students in Grade 2014 of the International Department have harvested offers from many world-famous universities, including Northwestern University (#12 in National Universities in the US), Haverford College (#12 in National Liberal Arts Colleges in the US), University of California, Berkley (#20 in National Universities in the US), University of St Andrews and Durham University (TOP 5 universities in the UK), McGill University, University of Toronto and Queen’s University (TOP 5 universities in Canada), National University of Australia and the University of Melbourne (Group of Eight Australian Universities), and the University of Hong Kong and Chinese University of Hong Kong (TOP Asian universities), etc.


International Department of Shude High School

6 July 2017