The 2017 American Mathematical Competition 8 (AMC8) Closed

source:Shude High School   Release time:2017-11-28 15:16:36

The American Mathematics Competition 8 (AMC8) came to a successful conclusion on November 15th. About 100 junior high school students attended this international competition. The competitors came from Chengdu Shude High School (Foreign Languages Campus), Shude Experimental Middle School, Chengdu Jiaxiang Foreign Languages School, No. 1 Experimental Middle School Attached to Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu Yandaojie Middle School, and Chengdu Shishi Union Middle School, etc. As students in grade 7 and grade 8, their spirit to challenge the English mathematics competition is worthy of encouragement! Wish all of them satisfactory results in the AMC8!