Students Won Awards of HiMCM Math Contest

source:Shude High School   Release time:2018-05-11 14:46:18

3 teams from the International Department won the second prize in the High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM) held in October-November 2017, the competition. An honor highlighted by the fact that (only 4 teams from Chengdu won this award.

The HiMCM is an international mathematical competition organized by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Application (COMAP). It is one of the math contests for secondary school students with global influence.

After the contest officially starts, the organizer will give specific contest tasks. The participating teams (limited to 4 students) are required to use mathematical modeling, programming and other methods to establish a mathematical model to solve practical problems, and finally complete a nearly 30-page paper in English. All must be completed within 36 hours.

Unlike other commonly known mathematical competitions, HiMCM not only examines participants’ mathematics knowledge, but also challenges their ability of problem-analyzing, programming, and math application. Meanwhile, tit demands strong skills of teamwork, time management, and English paper writing.