Students Won the Core Award of JEA Youth Observation Contest

source:   Release time:2020-05-22 17:39:28

The students from the International Department of Chengdu Shude High School bravely challenged the JEA Youth Observation Contest, the world’s highest-profile social research activity for secondary school students, and successfully won the Best Young Observation Award (the highest core award in the contest) and the Outstanding Youth Impact Award, and successfully promoted to the Finals held in the United States in November this year! The Finding the Other Half: Chinese Parents Act as Go-betweens for Unmarried Children, the award-winning survey report in English, has been published to the global media and universities!




The participating team from the International Department of Chengdu Shude High School consisted of Yi Feng, Zhongrui Li, Ziming Yuan, Rui Li, Xinyi Cao, Chunyang Tao, and Heying Wang from Class IB2, 2017. In the competition, the students won the unanimous endorsement of the judging committee that was composed of professors from CCTV, China Daily, the Stanford University, the Northwestern University and the Annenberg School for Communication, and other well-known media experts!