Ranking #1 in China Area VCE for 13 Consecutive Years

source:   Release time:2020-05-22 10:39:02

Congratulations to all the students of VCE class of 2016. In this year’s college entrance examination, the average score of VCE classes of our school is as high as 90.42%, ranking the first in China area!


Sun JY set the highest score in the history of the International Department with 99.75%, ranking the first in VCE China Area.


The average score of VCE classes of our school has ranked first in China for 13 consecutive years, and we have cultivated 10 top scorers so far.

Remarks: ATAR is the abbreviation of Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (namely college admission rankings).


VCE students can directly apply to the first-class universities in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries. At present, the students of class 2016 are applying for their dreamed overseas schools under the guidance of their college application counselors. Let's look forward to the offer from elite universities coming one by one !