The 10th Anniversary of Shude International Micro Film Festival!

source:Shude High School   Release time:2022-09-24 15:27:14

In 2012,Shude International held an important traditional student activity - the Micro Film Festival. Since then, this tradition has been enthusiastically passed on by every teacher and student in the Department, until it came to its 10th anniversary on the evening of November 25, 2021.


In the past 10 years of the Micro Film Festival history, there have been too many works that are worthy of collection, too many precious moments that have been staged, and too many students who have found their goals and directions through this stage. Therefore, "Ten", which has special meaning to students and teachers in the department, is the creative theme of this Micro Film Festival.



A total of 13 students’ original English-language micro-film works were born in the 10th Micro Film Festival. In students camera, the word “ten” is endowed with more connotations- it is the meeting of binary code 1 and 0; it is the single digit “1” taking one more step; it is a cross formed by two short intersecting lines.