A book written by teachers of Shude International, was officially published.

source:Shude High School   Release time:2022-09-16 17:26:30

Understanding and Accommodation, a book written by teachers of the International Department, was officially published by Sichuan University Press. The book has three editors-in-chief including Hu Xia, Secretary of the Party Committee and Principal of Chengdu Shude High School, Liu Tao, Vice Principal of Shude High School and Executive Principal of the Foreign Language Campus, and Huang Yuqing, an IB teacher of the Shude International . It has 15 editorial board members including Zhong Yuanbo, Director of Shude International, and Zhou Dan, director of teaching section of Shude International etc. 

Understanding and Accommodation, is a collection of excellent teaching cases based on international understanding courses designed by Shude International. The topics of the book ranges from economics, mathematics, culture, language, to critical thinking and  far beyond.


The presentation and analysis of the excellent teaching cases in the book not only reflects the mutual understanding across countries and nations, but also shows PISA’s (Program for International Student Assessment) Global Competence and International Understanding in four-dimensional goals-to explore the world, distinguish perspectives, communicate ideas, and take actions. It is hoped that this book can lay a foundation for the further development of international understanding courses by Shude International and provide materials for the design and development of international understanding courses in various schools. More importantly, it is hoped that this book will pave an important runway for students to grow by asking them to look at the world both domestically and internationally, and to integrate the knowledge and vision of China with the world.