Great News from IB Class 2016

source:   Release time:2020-05-22 13:59:47

Congratulations to the students from IBDP class of 2016 at Shude High School for their excellent performance in IB global exams last May through three years’ joint efforts with all the teachers.

The average score is 35 which is 5 points higher than that of the globe!

12.8% of the students get 40 and above ( the full score is 45 ).

42.55% of the students get the full score of 7 in a single subject.

All of the students are eligible to be awarded the diplomas ( the global diploma awarding rate is 79.28% ).

Meanwhile, the same congratulations are also extended to the IB teachers!

 With excellent academic and comprehensive performance, the students have been enrolled by the top 50 universities in the world including University of Carnegie Mellon, University of Los Angeles, McGill University, University of Toronto, The London School of Economics and Political Science, The Imperial College London, National University of Australia, University of Melbourne, The University of Hong Kong and so forth. Wish them a pleasant life and fruitful study aboard!