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Why Us?


  • 16 Years Successful Experience on International Education

       Both the VCE program and international foundation course of Shude International Department have achieved the first in Chinese area and several thousand students were enrolled by universities and colleges around the world for higher education. All of the students who went to the U.S. were admitted by Top 70 universities, 82% of whom were admitted by Top 50. Most of them also received scholarships from 4000 to 30,000 dollars a year. Those who went to Australia were all admitted by Top 8 universities in the country. The students who chose to go to the U.K., Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and other countries were equally successful. They were all accepted by the top-ranking universities and all got the student visa.


  • The Education Philosophy “Cultivating Virtues And Building Characters

       Shude International Department does not stress less on cultivating students’ virtues and ethics than practicing high-quality teaching. A variety of activities, including patriotic sessions, help-the-poor initiatives, environmental protection actions, students community service activities, outward bound training, and intern practices in world-renowned corporations, are organized for extracurricular activities, we strive to cultivate students’ perseverance, team spirit, and sense of social responsibility.

  • Awarding-winning and Certified Faculty & Staff

       Every foreign teacher in Shude International Department has a Foreign Expert Certificate and

a teaching qualification certificate. Foreign teachers have gained the honor of “Excellent Foreign Teacher” granted by Sichuan Provincial Education Bureau for three consecutive years. The Chinese teachers are equally outstanding, holding teaching certificates corresponding to the international programs. Caring, sincere and responsible, the teaching staff devotes all themselves to the students’ growth and development.

  • Professional and Highly-standardized Application Service

       With 26 years experience in the overseas study consulting business, Chengdu Huaying Education Group provides all the students of Shude International Department with the services of university application and visa processing. As an industry leader in southwest China, the company is the first to employ a quantitative evaluation system designed for American universities. It owns a professional consulting team, which has successfully helped several tens of thousands of people get offer or visa from elite universities of the U.S., Australia, the U.K. and Canada.

  • Thorough and Satisfactory After-service

       We offer a one-stop service, ranging from language training, applications to airport pick-ups, overseas visits and career guidance. The one-and-only and comprehensive service ensures that the students will make the best of their overseas education and free the parents from worries and troubles.



  • 2005   Model Center in China for Excellent Operation of GAC by ACT Education Solutions, Limited. 、Top 10 Overseas Education Programs of the Year in Sichuan、Top 10 Most Trusted Education Institutions of the Year in Sichuan

  • 2006   Best School with Foreign-operated Program in Sichuan

  • 2007   Top 10 Excellent Schools with Foreign-operated Programs in Sichuan

  • 2008   Top 10 Brand Names of Overseas Education Service in Western China 、Best Preparatory Program for Overseas Education

  • 2009   Top 10 Brand Names of Overseas Education Service in Sichuan、Best Educational Management Award

  • 2010   Most Trusted Education Institution with Foreign-operated Program in Sichuan

  • 2011   Media Award of the Year、Best Sino-Foreign Educational Program in Sichuan、Most Wanted International Education Program

  • 2012   Most Trusted Overseas Education Program in Sichuan

  • 2013   Study in Canada Department  Internation Department,Chengdu Shude  High School

  • 2015   This Certificate is Presented to  Internation Departement of Shude  High School as an EXAM CENTER in the Thirtieth Annual AAPT physicsBowl Contest