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  • Overseas experts and consultants

Nicholas Dwyer

Vice Principal of century-old Haileybury School—Dual BA Degree of Economics and Laws, MBA, Doctor of Education;

Served as Analyst of BNP Paribas, also worked for Canberra Grammar School of Australia, Marlborough College of UK and Caulfield Grammar School , Melbourne;

The Menzies Fellowship winner in 1985 for his analysis on A-level management courses;

Introduced VCE courses into China in 2002 and has been taking charge of the international affairs management of Haileybury School.


Jan Bruder

Master of Education in Teaching English;

Mentor of VCE-EAL course;

22 years of teaching experience in English and literature;

Over 5 years experience of teaching VCE-EAL course.


Peter Rogerson

Senior Specialist in Math with 29 years of teaching experience;

Mentor of VCE-Math;

Owner of Australia's on-the-job training and evaluation certificate.


Wang Yi-Sun

Master of Education in Chinese Language and Literature;

Diploma Owner of LOTE and EAL;

27 years of teaching experience in Chinese, including Chinese Research and Education in the University;

Mentor of VCE-Chinese;

8-year Examiner of VCE CFL, CSL and SLA.


  •  Excellent Chinese teachers 


Mr. Yuanbo Zhong

Academic Director of the International Department;

Registered teacher of VCE Physics;

Registered teacher of IB Physics;

Over 10 years’ teaching experience of international education.



Ms.Xiaomin Chen

MBA of Webster University, USA

TEM 8 certificate

Worked for the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China and other foreign-owned companies

Years of organizational and managerial experience

Rich Experience in international education, IELTS and TOEFL teaching and training

Popular among students and parents for the quality teaching



Ms.Guangyi Liu

Supervisor of Moral Education;
Assistant of International Department Director;
IB-CAS Coordinator.



Ms. Jun Chen

Excellent bilingual chemistry teacher;

Registered teacher of VCE Chemistry;

Registered teacher of IB Chemistry;

Over 10 years’ teaching experience of international education.



Ms. Hong Huang

Master of English Education;

Director of International Curriculum Department;

Registered teacher of SAT;

Registered teacher of VCE-EAL.



Ms. Hui Yang

Director of English Department;

TEM 8;

Registered teacher of IB TOK;

Registered teacher of SAT;

Senior teacher of international education.



Ms.Yan Wu

Bachelor and Master of Bioscience from the National University of Singapore;

Served as research fellow in the National University Hospital of Singapore;

Registered teacher of IB Mathematics.




Ms.Qi Xie

Bachelor of Administration from Beijing Second Foreign Language University;

TEM 8;

Engaged in the compiling work of fundamental English textbooks and practical management job;

Registered teacher of IB Economics.



Ms. JingWen Wang

Master of English Language and Literature from Xi’an Foreign Language University;

TEM 8;

Abundant teaching experience in the university;

Known for her responsible manner for work and remarkable teaching achievement.



Ms. Yan Ren

Master of Bioscience from Chinese Academy of Sciences;

Master of Statistics from American South Carolina University;

Registered teacher of IB Biology;

Years of international education and teaching experience in undergraduate subjects in the American University.



Ms. Dan Zhou

Bachelor of Southwest Jiaotong University;

TEM 8;

Served in South Korea as English and Chinese teacher;

Senior teacher in international education.



Ms. Zhaoxia Xiong

Master of English Language and Literature from Sichuan Foreign Language University;


Extensive experience in university English education and international education.



Ms. Feifei Lu

Dual Bachelor Degree of Computer Science and Business from Nanyang Technological;

University Singapore;

Received 8.5 in IELTS (9 in full score).




Mr. Jie Luan

Deputy Supervisor of Moral Education;

Registered teacher of TCSL;

Served in a university of Philippines;

Registered IB-CAS coordinator.



Ms.Meiqin Ju

Dual degree of Environmental Science and Urban-rural Planning, and Economics;

Master of Human Geography from Wuhan University;

Registered teacher of IB Geography.



Ms.Lusi Yi 

Master of Comparative Literature and TCFL from Sichuan University;

Registered teacher of VCE Chinese;

Registered teacher of IB Chinese.



Ms.Xian Min 

Bachelor of Physics from Sichuan Normal University;

Senior physics teacher of A-LEVEL and IGCSE;

Skilled in combining physical knowledge with daily life.



Ms.Ting Wang 

Bachelor of Material Chemistry from Sichuan Normal University;

Registered teacher of AP Chemistry;

Registered teacher of IB Chemistry.