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  •  Excellent Teachers 


Mr. Yuanbo Zhong

Director of the International Department;

Registered teacher of VCE Physics;

Registered teacher of IB Physics;

Over 10 years teaching experience of international education.



Ms. Hong Huang

Vice Director of the International Department;

Registered teacher of SAT;

Registered teacher of VCE-EAL.



Ms. Dan Zhou

Academic Director of the International Department;

Bachelor of Southwest Jiaotong University;

Served in South Korea as English and Chinese teacher;

Senior teacher in international education.




Ms.Qi Xie

Bachelor of Administration from Beijing Second Foreign Language University;

Engaged in the compiling work of fundamental English textbooks and practical management job;

Registered teacher of IB Economics.



Ms. Feifei Lu

Dual Bachelor Degree of Computer Science and Business from Nanyang Technological;

University Singapore;

Received 8.5 in IELTS (9 in full score).



Ms.Xian Min 

Bachelor of Physics from Sichuan Normal University;

Senior physics teacher of A-LEVEL and IGCSE;

Skilled in combining physical knowledge with daily life.



Ms.Ting Wang

Bachelor of Material Chemistry from Sichuan Normal University;

Registered teacher of AP Chemistry;

Registered teacher of IB Chemistry.


Ms.Xiaomin Chen

MBA of Webster University, USA;

Rich Experience in international education, IELTS and TOEFL teaching;

Popular among students and parents for the quality teaching.



Ms. Jun Chen

Excellent bilingual chemistry teacher;

Registered teacher of VCE Chemistry;

Registered teacher of IB Chemistry;

Over 10 years teaching experience of international education.



Ms.Yan Wu

Bachelor and Master of Bioscience from the National University of Singapore;

Served as research fellow in the National University Hospital of Singapore;

Registered teacher of IB Mathematics.



Ms.Guangyi Liu

Assistant of International Department Director;

IB-CAS Coordinator.




Mr. Jie Luan

Deputy Supervisor of Moral Education;

Registered teacher of TCSL;

Served in a university of Philippines;

Registered IB-CAS coordinator.



Ms. JingWen Wang

Master of English Language and Literature from Xi'an Foreign Language University;

Abundant teaching experience in the university;

Known for her responsible manner for work and remarkable teaching achievement.



Ms. Yan Ren

Master of Bioscience from Chinese Academy of Sciences;

Master of Statistics from American South Carolina University;

Registered teacher of IB Biology;

Years of international education and teaching experience in the American University.



Ms. Hui Yang

Registered teacher of IB TOK;

Registered teacher of SAT;

Senior teacher of international education.



Ms. Zhaoxia Xiong

Master of English Language and Literature from Sichuan Foreign Language University;

Extensive experience in university English education and international education.



Ms.Lusi Yi

Master of Comparative Literature and TCFL from Sichuan University;

Registered teacher of VCE Chinese;

Registered teacher of IB Chinese.