The 8th Microfilm Festival of Shude International

source:   Release time:2020-12-08 18:19:05

The 8th Micro Film Festival unveiled and presented us the original and stunning works of 10 student teams.

This festival brought forth 12 films, ranging in style from art, action, and ethics to science fiction and thriller. The picture below shows posters produced by the students from each team.


The Micro Film Festival, a traditional student activity annually, requires each class to work in teams to finish script editing, performing, shooting, clipping, subtitling, and dubbing in background music for the entire English script.


Since its inception, the festival has seen the production of 60 or more English-language short films, be it through placing emphasis upon campus, growth, or society. The International Department’s students have exemplified their excellent teamwork, broad vision, perseverance in the face of difficulties, and their sense of social responsibility to bring positive energy to more people through their works.