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Ms. Yiwen Gong, Graduate of the 14th cohort

Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin–Madison, U.S.

Major: Human Resource Management and Marketing

Postgraduate: Yale University

Major: Environmental Engineering

Current position: Environmental Consultant at Terrapin Bright Green, a famous American green building industry


Mr. Wenmeng Guan, Graduate of the 16th cohort

Undergraduate: Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland

Major: Hospitality and Business Administration

Current position: Manager of Cruise Department, Chengdu Overseas Travelling Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yangyi Geng, Graduate of the 16th cohort

Undergraduate: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Major: Logistics

Current position: Start up an online purchasing website named as “Delicious Food”


Ms. Yunfan Gou, Graduate of 18th cohort

Undergraduate: Newcastle University, Australia

Current position: MLN Consultant, a famous consultancy company in Singapore


Mr. Yiding Zhang,Graduate of the 18th cohort


Undergraduate: Washington University in St. Louis

Major: Finance and accounting

Postgraduate: Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Current position: Manager of Overseas Investment, Wanke Group


Ms. Fangzhou He, Graduate of the 18th cohort

Undergraduate: Carlton University, Canada

Major: Journalism

Postgraduate: Cambridge University, UK


Ms. Yimeng Zhou,Graduate of the 18th cohort

Undergraduate: Michigan State University, U.S.

Major: Market Research

Postgraduate: Michigan State University, U.S

Major: Market Research

Current Position: Accenture, a world top 500 enterprise


Mr. Youyang Zhao, Graduate of the 21st cohort

Undergraduate: Georgia Institute of Technology

Postgraduate (master and doctor combined): Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a full scholarship of about 2.27 million Yuan


Mr. Zhipeng Zhao, Graduate of 21st cohort

Undergraduate: Monash University, Australia

Major: Accounting and finance

Postgraduate: Hongkong City University

Major: Financial Mathematics (acting as the chairman of the Students’ Union)


Ms. Jingxi Zhang, Graduate of the 22nd cohort

Undergraduate: Chatham University

Major: Art Management

Current position: Manager of marketing at a non-profit company on Wall Street, New York, U.S.


Ms. Xinwen Zhang, Graduate of the 24th cohort

Undergraduate: University of Minnesota, U.S.

Major: Psychology      Minor: Japanese

Postgraduate: University of Pennsylvania

Major: Social Sciences with a scholarship of 20,000 dollars


Mr. Heng Ye, Graduate of the 24th cohort

Undergraduate: Rose-Hulman Institution of Technology, U.S.

Postgraduate: Duke University, U.S.