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DP Various Teaching Positions

  Established in 1929, Chengdu Shude High School has been long reputed as one of the top three high schools in Sichuan Province. Since 2002, the school has started her exploration in international education. Up until now, over 2000 graduates have been admitted to famous universities around the globe. As the only public IB world school in southwest China, the school was authorized to offer the DP in January 2012. Because of the highly selective screening process, the admitted students into the DP program do not only have good academic competence but impressive working ethic to challenge the most demanding curriculum.

  The school is located in the east of Chengdu, hometown of lovely giant pandas and a city renowned for its congenial climate and relaxing life. For more details of the school, please visit

  We are seeking experienced and innovative DP teachers for:

  Various DP subjects: Visual Arts, English A or B, Mathematics, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and TOK.

  We offer excellent salary and benefits packages for qualified teachers.


*At least 2 years’ teaching experience in the relevant IBDP subject.

*Good interpersonal skills and personality.

*Responsible and collaborative.

  If you are interested in the positions, please send your cover letter and CV to, referencing this IBO ad and your subject.