Shude International 2022 Global University Admission Overview

source:Shude High School   Release time:2022-09-16 16:38:12

The number of Grade 12 students in Shude International is 136, and they have got more than 800 admissions and more than 35 million scholarships.

Admission universities are distributed in 10 countries and regions around the world, and more than 400 of the world's top 100 universities are admitted.


Students from Shude International have been admitted to:

Cambridge University for three consecutive years

the University of Hong Kong, with 38 admissions

the University of Toronto in Canada with 103 admissions

Johns Hopkins University for 3 consecutive years 

the Swarthmore College, the Top 3 College of Arts and Sciences in USA for three consecutive years 

New York University Abu Dhabi for three consecutive years, and won millions of scholarships every year 

University of Chicago, a TOP 6 comprehensive university in USA again

the Claremont McKenna College, a TOP 8 College of Arts and Sciences in the United States.With an annual admission rate of less than 10%, it is one of the most difficult college for students to be admitted in the United States

the Middleburry College, a TOP 9 College of Arts and Sciences in the United States. It is a real breakthrough because the College provided less than 10 offers to all Chinese students this year.


Admissions to American universities in 2022:

· 57 admissions from TOP30 universities in the United States

· 228 admissions from TOP50 universities in the United States 

There are 78 IB students in 2022 cohort: 66% have been admitted to TOP30 universities in the United States; 95% to TOP50 universities in the United States; and 100% to TOP70 universities in the United States.


Admissions to British universities in 2022:

· 28 admissions to G5 elite universities in the UK  

· 11 admissions to TOP1 universities in the UK

· 60 admissions to TOP10 universities in the UK 


Admissions to Canadian universities in 2022:

· 168 admissions to TOP3 universities in Canada

· 103 admissions to the University of Toronto, one that ranks second in all medical universities in Canada


Admissions to Australia and Hong Kong universities in 2022:

· 7 admissions to the 8 well- known universities in Australia

· 58 admissions to famous universities in Hong Kong, China