All 11 teachers have passed the ACT certified teaching

source:Shude High School   Release time:2022-09-24 15:20:25

During the summer vacation of 2021, ACT Global launched a series of training courses for the ACT teaching competence for the first time.11 language teaching teachers from the Shude International participated in the training, and all passed the official assessment to become the first ACT certified teachers at the competent level! The training began on June 28, 2021, and lasted for nearly two months.The content covers four subjects: ACT English, ACT reading, ACT science and mathematics, and ACT writing. At the same time, two rounds of group TP (Teaching Practice Teaching Exercise) and assessment were carried out.The whole training course is challenging and difficult. As the first officially authorized school in Chengdu and the first ACT officially authorized test site in Chengdu, Shude International can be highly recognized by ACT GAC International and students' parents. It is inseparable from such an excellent and enterprising number of teachers.